Effective Email

How to hack exposure in the recruiting process: the ultimate guide to earning the interest of college coaches, and writing an effective email that gets dozens of responses

Tired of sending dozens of emails to college coaches 

and getting few responses?

I know what that feels like, but I also know how to fix it —and have coaches eating out of the palm of your hand. 


It's me, Jack. (the guy who wrote this thing and can help you in the recruiting process)

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I wanted to make this course more accessible to families, so I dropped the price by 75%.

It used to cost $197. It now only costs $47

So if you're wondering why this page is so long, it's because I used to have to tell people why it was worth $197.

Btw...lots of people bought it at $197, and loved it. I've yet to have anyone ask for their money back!

And now at $47...it's pretty much the greatest steal of all time! 

But I'll let you decide for yourself :) 

Oh, and before you ask...YES, this stuff works during COVID quarantine!

As long as you can get practice video at a park, or in a cage, or on a field (doesn't have to be with a team)...this program can help you get TONS of interest from college coaches.

Okay, I'll be quiet now.



Dear friend,

If you want to write emails that get responses — without having to guess if your email will “work” or not…and without having to travel to every tournament on the face of the earth — then this is the most important message you’ll read today. 

I mean…

What if you were able to march into your next tournament with Conor McGregor-like swagger because you had a bunch of schools in your pocket? 

Or, as a parent, what if you could avoid traveling to the tournament in that one god-forsaken city — and instead, spend your Saturday at a local tournament, capped off with some backyard BBQ on a beautiful summer evening?

It’s a real thing. Here’s how you get it…

Just give it to me!

If you're warmed up and ready, I'm not gonna make you wait any longer.

I wish I knew then ... what I know now

My name is Jack Kruger. I currently play minor league baseball with the Angels— but before that, I went through the recruiting process twice. 

The first time, my family did what everyone else did.

We traveled to all the tournaments. We attended all the showcases. We sent out all the emails. We did what we were “supposed” to do.

And it didn’t work.

So when I got to junior college, I was tired of “trusting the process.”

I wanted something calculated. I wanted something proven. I wanted something that worked

So I traversed into the wilderness — found the magical cave that gives people answers — hiked deep into the cave with my head lamp — discovered some old scrolls with the answers I needed (they were titled How to get Swarms of Responses from College Coaches, for dummies) — followed the advice to a T — and…

I earned interest from dozens (not exaggerating) of schools, and ended up accepting a scholarship to Mississippi State University. 

My campaign went…well, you know what happens when you pour gasoline on fire?

It went like that…but instead of pouring the gasoline, imagine a C-130 plane dropping olympic-sized swimming pools of it. 

I had to make an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the interest — the only fun I’ve ever had in excel. 

And that’s when I realized that we really blew it the first time through the process.

The problem with the recruiting process

What I didn’t know, and what lots of parents and players don’t understand, is that going to a bunch of tournaments is not the best way to get exposure — or even a good way

Tournaments can be helpful, and necessary to some degree…

But you can’t just show up and expect to “get noticed.”

(oh, and “get noticed” is the worst phrase in the recruiting process. Delete it forever. The recruiting process is not about “getting noticed,” it’s about providing value).

The thing about tournaments is that, the majority of the time, coaches attend them to watch players they’re already in contact with.

So if you’re not already talking to schools going into the tournament, your odds of gaining exposure at a tournament are low. 

Not impossible...but low.


Then how the heck are you supposed to get exposure? 

This leads us to the next problem in the recruiting process.

Most players don’t send emails because they think that if a coach is interested, the coach will contact THEM first. 

But the coach can’t recruit the player if he doesn’t know the player exists. 

So the player never hears from the coach, and the player keeps on waiting…forever and ever…for an email that’s never coming

And even if a player does send emails, those emails tend to be ineffective because players don’t understand the purpose of email and what coaches are looking for. 

(and it’s way too easy to include something in an email that disinterests the coach immediately)

So if you can’t expect tournaments to give you exposure…and you’re probably misusing the one tool that DOES work…


Your new strategy ... the one that works

Here’s what you’re gonna do: 

You’re going to find schools that you’re capable of playing at (in your talent range), identify the ones that are in need of your position for the near future, and prove your value to them with video. 

You want to do the coach’s homework for him.

He has to sift through hundreds of thousands of players to find the ten players that he needs — the ones that are good enough to play at his school.

Tough gig.

Your job is to show him exactly where he can find the solution to his problem.

He’s begging for a good player to email him and make his life easy.

So if you email a school that you’re capable of playing at and that needs your position — you’re doing the coach a favor. 

The coach opens his email, sees a solution to his problem, and acts fast.

Cha-ching: response.

When I started doing this, my recruiting campaign took off. 

I even had a coach tell me, “Jack, I wish everyone was doing what you are doing…you made my life so easy.”

But it’s difficult to know what schools you’re capable of playing at, to find teams in need of your position, to make a compelling video, and to write an email that doesn’t disqualify you in seconds.

That’s why I created…

Effective Email

Effective Email is a online course that will show you how to get exposure in the recruiting process.

You’ll learn how to use email to get in contact with college coaches, boost your value, and make your tournaments more effective. 

If you’re tired of sending emails out and not getting responses, or traveling to tournaments that don’t seem to be helping…this course is for you.

But I’m an up-front kind of guy, and I don’t want to give Effective Email to someone who’s not going to benefit from it. 

So Effective Email isn’t for you if…

…you’re not a high school or junior college player (or the parent of one). If you’re in middle school (or the parent of a middle schooler), you’re not quite ready for this course.

…you’re not willing to invest time and energy into your recruiting process. The system works, but it takes effort. 

…you’re expecting results that are not indicative of your talent level. If you’re a D3 caliber player, you can’t expect to get SEC coaches to respond. 

…you’re not willing to make the first contact with college coaches . If you aren’t willing to be proactive and be the initiator, this course isn’t right for you. If you’re nervous about sending emails, that’s okay…I’ll show you how, and by the end of the course, you’ll be eager to press “send.”

How your recruiting process looks 

after Effective Email

  • You don’t waste time emailing a bunch of schools that aren’t going to respond to your email 

  • You have a completely different outlook on the recruiting process — one that puts you in the driver’s seat

  • You don’t have to wonder if your exit velocity is good enough or if you throw hard enough

  • You spend less than 10 seconds writing an effective subject line

  • You know everything you need to include in your email — and every part of it is fact, not opinion. 

  • You make your own recruiting videos for free — and they’re legit. 

  • You pick and choose the showcases you want to attend — instead of traveling to all of them hoping that one of the many helps.

What's included in Effective Email

Effective Email is a 5-part video course — over 1.5 hours of content.


Master the Recruiting Mindset

Build a bulletproof psyche to set yourself apart from other players, gain leverage,

 and earn the attention you deserve. 

My favorite parts of this section (more than these included):

  • How to make the coach's life easier (making it more likely that he'll recruit you)

  • How to see the recruiting process for what it really is (a business deal)

  • A cool loophole that may get you into your dream school that requires a 4.0 GPA with your 3.6 GPA (or a 3.4 GPA school with your 3.0 GPA)

Create a Valuable List

Evaluate your skill level, find schools that NEED you on their team, and construct an

 invaluable list of schools that are more likely to respond to your email.

My favorite parts of this section (more than these included):

  • How to evaluate your skill level, and know which NCAA divisions you should be emailing

  • How to make mistakes in the process and still get the results you want

  • How to find teams in NEED of your position, and that are more likely to respond to your email

The Perfect Introduction Email

The art of the email — the exact ingredients you should include in your email, how to 

speak the language of college coaches, and how to increase your value.

I have too many favorite parts in this section (more than these included):

  • Which coach you should email for best results (and how to find email addresses)

  • How to email from a position of strength, and increase your perceived value immediately

  • How to make your emails indisputable — so coaches can’t disprove or disgree with anything you write in your emails (i.e. remove opinions)

  • What statistics you should include in your emails

  • How to write an effective subject line

  • Everything you should include in your introduction email

  • What NOT to say in your email

  • Advanced tactics that can set your email apart from everyone else's email

Send Compelling Video

How to capture, edit, and upload captivating video (with your iPhone) to win over college coaches

 and accelerate your recruiting process.

My favorite parts of this section (more than these included):

  • Whether to include game video or practice video (and advantages for each)

  • Skills each position needs to showcase

  • How to edit and upload your video in 10 easy steps (step-by-step)

  • Examples of what a recruiting video should look like

*BONUS* : What to do if your email doesn't get any responses

4 ways to refine your approach and reignite your email campaign.

My favorite parts of this section (more than these included):

  • How to deal with non-responses

  • 4 things to check (adjust) if your email isn't getting the responses you want

*New to Effective Email*

Actual Emails

I've included a few email screenshots from my recruiting process. 

I wanted to point out a few things that might give you a better idea of how to approach exposure in the recruiting process.

This section is new to Effective Email, and I'm really excited to share it with you! 

Here's what people are saying 

about Effective Email 

"We loved the email course. The temptation is to spew out adjectives to describe how good your kid is but your presentation explained why this isn't effective. No doubt (son's name) has a better feel for how this all needs to work. Well done." - Brian W.

"I just got done with the first video in the effective email program and wow! It's great so far...I'm learning a lot. 5-star program." - Gabriel G.

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Effective Email and thought it was very useful. I hope you come out with more content like this, but going even deeper into the recruiting process. I have been able to email 21 Division One schools with 7 different responses." - Jacob S.

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Honestly, I don’t even need to do the comparison thing…I could charge $1,000 for the course, and people would still buy it — because it’s really freaking good.

So it really comes down to this…

Do you think this course could make all the lessons, practices, showcases, tournaments, travel, gear, headaches, worries, and frustrations…worth it? 

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This course is a steal, considering it can make all of your time, effort, and money over the past however many years worth it.

Do you really wanna continue to wander in the recruiting process and hope you get it right? 

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